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Below are the key terms to understand while you access the Paleo f(x) FitScore library. Search by any of the following to find the test most appropriate for your goals.

Individual Tests

Our library contains all the individual tests from every FitScore event across the years, plus a sample of other common tests from other disciplines. This includes a mix of popular and proprietary tests, including:

  • 40 Yard Dash
  • Vertical Leap
  • Maximum Pull Ups
  • 1000M, 2x500M, 2000M Concept 2 Row
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Medicine Ball Toss
  • ARX Leg Strength
  • ARX Chest Strength 
  • and more!

For each test, we provide a definition, purpose, measurement procedures and the most common usage. Since many of the tests measure multiple fitness categories, the proprietary realFIT approach allows category weights to be assigned to every individual test.

Performance Standards

Paleo f(x) and realFIT partnered to create absolute standards for every individual test and score set. These standards provide feedback for every performance level, and we provide both a raw score and descriptive feedback for every test and score. Are you a Tribe Member? or Warrior King/Queen? We provide standards for both male and female athletes.

We continually update these standards tables to ensure our performance data is the most accurate possible.

Score Sets

A score set is a collection of individual tests which comprise an overall fitness score. Each year, we create a new Paleo f(x) Fitscore with a different set of individual tests. The tests may change, but the overall objective is the same - to challenge athletes of all levels.