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What is your overall fitness level? How do you compare to others? Get your Paleo f(x) FitScore to answer those questions and more. With tests designed by fitness professionals - and measurements certified by REALFIT™ - you will receive a complete individual report which shows how you compare across age, gender and more. We also provide a live scoreboard with up-to-the minute results.

The Paleo f(x) FitScore

The Paleo f(x) Fitscore is a comprehensive measure of raw fitness and athletic potential and is not specific to any sport. Each year, the FitsScore is updated to include new challenges, with performance standards custom developed for Paleo f(x) participants. Check out the tests here.

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In addition to the FitScore, we provide a full library of individual tests and other fitness scores. Search our library to see how you compare!

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Just create your free account using the form below. There is also no extra charge to get your score during the event. As a member of Paleo f(x) FitScore, you not only get individualized analysis of results, but ongoing access to our virtual scoring platform. You can add new scores, track progress, set goals and more! Your membership is free through 30 days after the event. After that time, you will have the option to maintain your account for a low monthly or annual fee. Your results will always be available on the public scoreboard if you choose.

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